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How To Develop a Morning Routine For a Happier Start To Your Day

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Do you know that the most successful people in the world all have something in common? Any ideas of what it is? They have established morning routines....every single day! While their versions of their mornings may not look exactly the same, they can all tell you what they do every day, and many of the tasks are similar. Success doesn't come from luck; it comes from being intentional and consistent. Now, your version of success might be getting all the kids out the door on time and with clothes on. Hey, that's success! It doesn't matter what your version of success looks like, whether it's climbing the corporate ladder, or getting in a shower and putting on clothes before 3:00. Whatever it is, it starts with your morning routine.

If you start your day intentionally with a focus on your mind and body, you ensure that you are starting your day being purposeful, disciplined, and with a goal mindset. Now I realize that some of you reading this may not be morning people. I get that. I would not call myself a morning person either. Truthfully, if I could spend my days waking up on my own whenever I wanted, and not have to be anywhere or do anything all day, I'd do it! But that's not reality....that's called a vacation. And while I think many of us would love to be on a permanent vacation, we'd probably all agree that just isn't possible or realistic. SO, we are going to drop the mindset of "I'm not a morning person" right now. What you tell yourself is what you become. So if you tell yourself you are not a morning person, you won't be a morning person. Simple as that. And anything I tell you will be a moot point because you have already convinced yourself you don't like mornings. Therefore, the #1 thing I want you to do right now is start telling yourself, "I love my mornings." For real, do it. Over and over you need to say that to yourself. It's called positive self-talk, and it’s powerful.

Now I realize that it takes more than just telling yourself you are a morning person, to actually become a morning person. So I have put together a short Ebook with my morning routine strategies I have named PAVE. Each letter stands for a different element of the morning routine you can do to set the path (or pave) the way for a great day! Feel free to grab my Ebook for free here! And I’d love to hear from you after you try it!

PAVE the Way eBook
Download PDF • 9.11MB

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