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One - On - One Health Coaching

90 Minutes

This option is best suited for the person who has unresolved health issues, chronic conditions, or multiple symptoms. The goal is to help the client dig deep to look into possible underlying factors that are affecting the client's overall health and well-being. I will use an extensive intake form to guide our initial consult, then develop a low-stress plan to help the client reach his/her goals.


*Support will be provided via an online platform in between each scheduled session.Can be held virtually or in person.*



60 Minutes

 This option is for people who have additional questions after receiving their InBody results from Hands-On Physical Therapy.  Clients will be provided with additional resources to help them set goals using their InBody test results as a guideline. This is a 1-hour consult with an email follow-up for 1 week after the session.



90 Minutes

This service is for people who have questions about their thyroid labs, have ongoing symptoms, and/or would like to understand more about how diet and lifestyle can help with thyroid issues.  During this hour session, we will take a closer look at the client’s symptoms, labwork, and discuss options for helping the client to feel better.  This is a great time for the client to ask questions and get resources to help him/her understand more about this important gland in the body.

Food and Lifestyle Review

60 Minutes

This option is best for the person who wants to fine tune his/her healthy lifestyle and feels motivated to make changes without continued support. This service includes an extensive food and lifestyle review, a one-hour consult, and written recommendations & resources.


*A two-week follow-up period with email support is included with this consult. Can be held virtually or in person.*

Meal Planning


60 Minutes

This option is best suited for the client that needs help creating sustainable habits and meal plans that fit his/her lifestyle. During this hour and a half session, we work together to develop a weekly meal plan, but also a plan for sustaining that plan especially when life gets busy.  

Add On - Grocery Shopping Trip for those local - We will go grocery shopping together



15 Minutes

This is a 15 minute free phone consult to discuss your top health concerns.  During our call, we will discuss if the services I offer as a health coach are the right fit for you on your wellness journey. 

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Boulders on the Beach
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Seona Goerndt

“I have had the great pleasure of learning from Cherise for more than 5 years now. From Thanksgiving challenges, to workout recommendations and health coaching, Cherise has worked with me to develop habits and a program that best meets my health goals.  I appreciate Cherise’s perspective on nutrition as a way to heal our bodies and look forward to continuing my own health journey with her as a coach!”

What Clients Say

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