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A Hidden Ingredient That May Be Causing Your Child’s Behavior Issues

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

The research and data showing the connection between Red Dye 40 and the brain is fascinating. The impact on behavior can be seen immediately in some people, particularly kids.

And honestly, it's in WAY more products than just the obvious red products. For example, it's in the Jell-O brand chocolate pudding. Often dyes are added to mask the fact that the actual food doesn't have very much, if any, nutritional value. Such is the case with the pudding. There is actually very little chocolate even in there - if they didn't add the dye, the pudding would be green.

You have to watch out for hidden ways it shows up on labels as well. It can been seen simply as "artificial colors" or as:

  • Allura Red

  • Allura Red AC

  • C.I. 16035

  • C.I. Food Red 17

  • FD&C Red No. 40

  • Red 40

  • Red No. 40

With behavioral disorders on the rise, I encourage you to start by looking for this dye in your family's foods. It's a great first place to start. Cut out foods that contain this ingredient and see if you notice a change! It's not only the cause of attention and behavioral issues, but there is a very strong connection!

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